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    Jack has been GF/CF for just over a year now. He is currently 10 months seizure free without meds. He continues to make amazing progress through his speech therapy and occupational therapy. He is like a little sponge, learning everyday. I am so thankful that I have been able to start early with Jack and begin intervention. I believe with all my heart that God had a specific purpose when he blessed us with Jack.


Jack's Story

God has blessed me with an amazing little boy. His name is Jack and he has changed my life. Jack is the youngest of 3 and by this time I thought I knew what I was doing as a mom. I used my maternal instincts, lessons from my older 2 kids and the advice of my pediatrician. I never once questioned what the dr. told me or suggested to me. I never considered not giving my kids vaccines. In fact, I remember thinking that parents who didn't vaccinate were playing Russian roulette with their kids lives, and honestly, I didn't want my kids near them. That all changed when I realized my sweet, innocent, little, Jack had been injured by vaccines.

Why Jack and not my older 2 daughters? I don't know. I may never know. But I know that his issues began right at birth with reactions to the Hep B shot. Jack had difficulties latching on and in fact, I had to pump and syringe feed him in the hospital. (feeding difficulties is a side effect of the Hep. B vaccine). He was back in the hospital at 5 days old for elevated liver enzyme count. (another side effect of the Hep. B vaccine). Then, at 2 months old, Jack had his 2 month vaccines, 2 days later, he was having seizures. His tiny body would stiffen up and he would struggle for air and stare at us with blank little eyes.

It was horrible to watch and know there was nothing we could do to stop the seizures. Jack continued to have seizures over the next few months and eventually years. It was in looking back at medical documents that I found the papers I was given at the pediatrician's office. You know, the papers they hand to you and tell you to look over while your child is receiving the vaccine shots. I never had time to read them, nor did I really ever think I had to. I trusted the Dr. to know what was best for my son. I found on the DTaP vaccine information sheet that it said, "Do not administer this vaccine if a person has, a compromised immune system, or seizures from an unknown source." I couldn't believe it! The same pediatrician who had been treating my son since he was born and through his seizures, had continued to give him 2 more doses of the DTaP vaccine. He didn't even heed the warning on his own paperwork.

This was the beginning of my mission. I had to try to make things right for my son. I started researching and asking questions.

Jack was about 5 months old and I began to notice that he wasn't reaching his milestones at the same rate as his sisters had. Our pediatrician said he was a bit delayed because he was a boy and I shouldn't compare him to his sisters. In my heart, I knew there was more to it. I started asking him questions about vaccines and their possible effect on Jack and his progress. I wanted to know if I could split up the shots and not give so many at a time. I wanted to know if I could separate the "cocktail" vaccines and give single doses. My pediatrician did not respond well to my questions. He told me I was being too protective and I shouldn't believe everything I read on the internet. I was made to feel like I was taking up too much of his time and started to feel like a bad mom. All I wanted was some guidance and options. So, I thought maybe a new pediatrician was the answer. Not so much! When I spoke to the new pediatrician about my concerns, his response was, "You need to follow the vaccine schedule. " "Do you want your child to die from Polio?" He didn't even pay any attention to my questions or concerns. Needless to say, we did not go back.

Along with the seizures, Jack was also having shuddering attacks. Our neurologist said it was something Jack would probably have for the rest of his life and that as he got older he would learn how to make it more socially acceptable. I had considered looking into chiropractic care for Jack and asked my neurologists opinion. He was being honest when he said, "It is a waste of your time and money." I decided to give it a try anyways, and after 2 adjustments, Jack's shuddering attacks had disappeared. At our next appointment the neurologist noticed that Jack was not shuddering. When he asked about it, I told him about the adjustments at the chiropractor. He didn't have any comment.

It was then that I realized, traditional medicine was not giving me options or answers and alternative medicine may open some doors for my son.

We continued the chiropractic care and began to explore nutritional supplementation. I didn't really know what I was doing, and was a bit overwhelmed. I started hearing about restricted diets and words like gluten and casein. Not your standard everyday language.  Jack's staple foods were yogurts and cereal bars, and these diets told me I shouldn't give him those any longer. What? He will starve!

Jack started some speech therapy through an early intervention program and was making progress with sign language.

Jack was now almost 3 years old. His older sisters were both in school and I was watching kiddos in my home. I thought this would be great for Jack to get some socialization. I was amazed as I watched the differences between Jack and some of the little boys. Jack didn't have the pretend play or the language skills these boys had, but he was amazing at puzzles.

After an evaluation from the early intervention program Jack was in, I painfully realized that I could not provide everything he needed. Despite my 11 years of teaching special ed., I didn't have the tools to help Jack make the social and academic gains he needed. It is a whole different ballgame when you are the mommy and not just the teacher. So, Jack started pre-school with a label of developmentally delayed and speech delayed. I had a feeling in my heart that Jack wasn't just delayed, but that he may be on the autism spectrum.

With this feeling, I began to research autism and its treatments. The gluten free/casein free diet kept coming up. So, I decided to try it. I introduced Jack to some gluten free snacks and started looking at labels on the food I had in the pantry. I finally went 100% gluten free in March of 2010 and felt like I had started something good. After just a few weeks, Jack had expanded his food options and was eating what I made for dinner. I had started the treatment, now I need guidance on what to do next.

I found just what Jack and I needed as I began looking into D.A.N. doctors. These are biomedical doctors who specialize in autism. The D.A.N stands for Defeat Autism Now. With the help of a friend, we found a DAN doctor in Miami and scheduled our first appointment.

It was like a breath of fresh air. This doctor was looking at Jack as a whole person, not just by his label. She listened to my concerns and answered my questions. After a 2 hour session, she had a game plan for Jack. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover biomedical and this was out of pocket. I figured if I could find the money to have my hair done and to have cable TV, then I absolutely could find the money to help my son. Our D.A.N. doctor ran some tests and started to supplement his body with the vitamins and minerals he was lacking. What I really appreciate about her is that she didn't try to load us up with things. She took our budget into account and we started with the priorities. The good news was that insurance covered all the lab work we had done and that Jack was starting to make some good progress.

Along the course of Jack's treatment with our D.A.N. doctor, we decided to have his blood titers tested. This would let us know what he had immunity to from the vaccinations he had had. (I had followed the vaccine schedule up until he was about 15 months old.) Based on the information I had given her, she wanted to test the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, since that was the one that seemed to trigger his seizures. We got the results back, and guess what? He had no immunity to Tetnus or Pertusis!! Can you believe it? After all that, he had no immunity to the diseases he was supposed to be protected from.

Jack has been GF/CF for just over a year now. He is currently 10 months seizure free without meds. He continues to make amazing progress through his speech therapy and occupational therapy. He is like a little sponge, learning everyday. I am so thankful that I have been able to start early with Jack and begin intervention. I believe with all my heart that God had a specific purpose when he blessed us with Jack.

My hope is that my experiences and this website will provide other families with the tools they need to start the healing process for whatever they are blessed with. God doesn't make mistakes, we just need to open our hearts and minds to see the amazing people he has put in front of us.

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